Art Deco Engagement Rings ~ Why we love them

Art Deco Engagement Ring
Art Deco Engagement Ring
Greta Art Deco Engagement Ring

Art Deco engagement rings are elegant, timeless and so very classic. This is why we offer so many different styles of both Art Deco wedding bands and Art Deco Engagement Rings. The word Art Deco is tossed around quite a bit, but what truly is a vintage Art Deco ring?

The Art Deco era in the jewelry got its name from the ‘Exposition International des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes’. In 1925, it was held in Paris and was put on by the French government to highlight a new style they were calling “moderne”. The focus was on Architecture, furniture, glass and of course jewelry. There were 15,000 exhibitors from twenty different countries which later became known as the Art Deco Exposition.

The Art Deco era from about 1915 to the 1930’s, however people remember it best as the “roaring 20’s”.

Instead of the gently curving vines and romantic flowers that were so prominent in the Edwardian era (1890-1912), Art Deco Engagement rings were all about geometric lines and angles. Art Deco rings and wedding bands featured a lot of zig-zag, triangular and trapezoidal shapes. White gold and platinum led the way and for the first time yellow gold fell out of favor.

Art Deco Engagement Ring Ballerina
Aurora Art Deco Tiara Engagement Ring

Different colored stones, often sapphires, were incorporated into these designs to accent the bold geometric patterns. This often made for incredibly striking engagement rings and even wedding bands. You would often see intricate filagree work in these Art Deco beauties.

My love for all things Art Deco came from my time living in Miami. I lived for many years on South Beach, in fact even before it was called South Beach. At that time it was just abandoned hotels and nursing homes. But the amazing Art Deco architecture was still there, albeit in shambles. In fact my good friend owned Al Capone’s old house which was Art Deco at its finest, complete with false doors and escape tunnels that you would expect any proper gangster to have.

I found many cast off art deco engagement rings & jewelry in pawn shops and thrift stores during this time. Each one was more beautiful than the last. I cannot tell you how much it warms my heart that Art Deco Engagement Rings are making a comeback because they truly are amazing treasures.

Our Art Deco style engagement rings & wedding bands are inspired by this great era of opulence and beauty. We would be love to design one just for you!

About roughluxejewelry

I love creating engagement rings for people in love. I love making rings that look like they were made in ancient times and could have been worn by royalty. Each ring is lovingly carved by hand with a eye for romantic, luxurious detail and a bohemian touch. All of our stones are unique, hand picked and are conflict free. Rest assured, I only choose stones that I would wear myself in my engagement ring.

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